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Awesome name is awesome.
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1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the persons you tag will have to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 persons and put their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tag.
6. Not something like "You are tag if you read this".
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1. Do you know/like Hetalia?
2. If you could bring one anime character to life, who would it be?
Hmmmmmm.... Rin Matsuoka
3. Do you know/like The Script?
Never heard of it
4. Books or Movies? Or both?
Depends but most likely book
5. Have you ever experienced "love at first sight"?
6. What's your favorite anime?
Hetalia pfft lol obviously. 
7. Do you like K-Pop? If you do, what's your favorite boy/girl group?
8. What's your favorite color?
Miku Green? 
9. Who was your first anime crush?
Death the Kid probably XD
10. What's your favorite game/sim date/etc.?
Pokemon ruby since it was my first pokemon game

My questions~ (ugh well crap...)
1 Whats your worst fear/irrational fear?
2 Wheres your favorite place to relax?
3 The weirdest thing thats ever happened to you?
4 The best thing thats ever happened to you?
5 Most embaressing thing thats ever happened to you
6 Favorite Anime
7 Favorite Weapon
8 'favorite thing about your appearance?
9 Name your favorite personality trait about yourself?
10 Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! (lol ran out of questions)

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Diana Raine
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Hey I'm here to become a better Writer! Please review it means alot!!!

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Kaoru-Love Apr 12, 2014  New member
HETALIA omfg i found you again, it's me HRE/silver/i have so many names.

How are you.
I just now noticed I didn't watch you when I thought I had you in there. :icondafuqijustreadplz:
fujifangirl75 Mar 15, 2014  Student Photographer
Sorry to be a bother, but i came here to say happy birthday to ya \ o.o /
HetaliaXReader Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Akaisame:not exactly nice to gou. He gets annoyed at get super easily and shows very very little happiness when around her. Is very close to original but not in otp way.

Ask-thesharky: super cute. Teases gou. Asked her if she needed a stool when she went tippy toes to pay his head

Headstrong predator: total ringou person

Kurenai-no-same: interesting view on kou. More angry at her. Wants her to stop trying to revert him back to old self and accept him for who he is now.

Matsuoka-purple: ships ringou probs

Matauokashark: nicer to his sister

Prideful shark: protective of sister
HetaliaXReader Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Epica/fullmetal/tense atmosphere.

This is why I was born- decision making/dramatic flashback

Pompeii-Rival appears/something irreparable happened/decision making/last hope fading

Infinity moment-miracle happened/exploring new world/happy ending/exciting/the unknown/

Pendulum-creepy/anxiety/thrown into alternate reality/realizes something horrifying/death/gorry murder/

Safe and sound-

House of Ryuuzu- eerie forest/temptation/under the guise of sanctuary/false sense of peace

You won't escape- trapped in paradise/deceit/led into trap/

Frozen heart and death of parents-loss/regret/no hope/too late/last words/don't give up/pleading/realization/something has to be done/moving forward/words left unsaid/

England's song(lyric)-helplessnes/sacrifice/give your all/wasted effort/unconditional love/

Even if you feel sad-cant be done alone/heart to heart/not strong enough/desperate/want to help/ doesn't want to be useless/ final goodbye/flashback/thank you for the good times/

Friendship-regret/things left unsaid/apology/wasn't strong enough/support/

Eternal three-one day I'll repay you/gratitude/apology/true feelings/can't be done alone/

Supremacy sky-tension/discovering/realizing/remember/won't face the truth

The moment-confession/comfort/all my fault/asking for forgiveness/not your fault

I don't hate you-realization/ weren't on your own/we'll support you/never was alone/didnt realized this

All joined the party-(check if duplicate song under different name is on list)

Break of dawn and saying goodbye-aftermath/don't give up/ill protect you/leave everything to me/ carrying burdens together/wishful thinking/ regret/I won't let you get hurt/don't worry/

Fairy taler-ill change things/ I can do this on my own/ im strong enough to do this now/ growing up/becoming better person/ill protect you like you did for me/ promises/ leaving/ part ways/

Magic idiot-(others look at main character as she deviates from plan because she knew it was a suicide mission that they only ised cause they dodnt want to accept the other choice/ but she couldnt pet then end like this/ she would sacrfice herself this time/this was her only form of thanks that she could give/) I'm sorry it had to be this way/let's meet again in the next world/double suicide/sacrifice/protect friends/ confession/ flashback/

Autumn leaves dancing in the wind- it wasn't supposed to be like this/ unforeseen consequences/ unnecessary loss due to error/regret/I can't let things end like this/ ill fix this / undetearing determination/facing fears/ won't let this end in tragedy/ death/nothing could be done/how it was meant to be/unsure/wavering in decision/confused on which path to take/trying to find oneself/denial of who you've become/

Family-(check if duplicate)

??Call-realization/well meet again someday/comforting/don't worry/ everything will be fine/ reassuring/reunion/trust in a promise/can stand on my own two feet/ growing up/ won't be forgotten/ your someone important to me/

??Asia-decision needs to be made/last chance/stand off/tension/inner thoughts on dire situation/

??When we get out-indecision/there has to be a way/thinking things over carefully/don't lose hope/it's no use...unless.../(heroine has a plan that can get friends out of situation but the plan includes risking their lives/remembers something that makes her realize that she wasn't thinking straight and her need to protect others was over riding her better judgement. Either way they were going to die. She knew that but didn't want to be the one responsible for them dying.)

***Darkness-couldn't save them/best wasn't enough/defeated/pitying self/because of self someone important to you was hurt/ always in they way/ what do I do?/ want to help but doesnt know how/ confession/ desperate/ noble sacrifice/true self is shown/is weaker than self let on/ can't do things on own

Eden-confrontation/trying to stay alive while struggling against someone/forcing someone to face the truth/trusted you/denial/ making excuse cause can't accept reality/ doesn't want to face reality/disapointed in you/ thought you were stronger/ the once rival and now friend is taken over by evil entity and reverting to old ways. Doesn't want to accept others help/is beyond saving and they have to kill their new friend/ in last moments the rivals true self awakens in time to see the ones he thought he could trust, killing him/ died thinking he was alone in the world/

It's coming-run.

???Cyber prison-introduce new characters/ opening to anime? No real good story usage from this....

Snowy cherry blossoms-cat

World meeting


No6 suicide room

Bear the cross




3rd movement; the truth

A new hope reborn


Flame staring at the shadows

Neo Rock 23

Sin a sin

This ends here

Promise me



Why do I have to sleep

Idiot hero

The contract of Italy veneziano



Piano room

Scorpion fire-

Permanent reincarnation-

Make time

As human

Holy Roman Empire-



Axis powers

The entire world is here

You are




You are


Symphony 3-

Dark road


The god of melodic speed metal- found something to fight for/can't lose/flashback/sacrifice/battle music/ evenly matched/never truly hated you (character says to rival in middle of fight) /unwillingness to understand/accept others brought us to this point/must be done/desperate/save me/ (good person forced to do evil/ mind control/has to be killed to be rid of evil/good person kills self to save world/pretends to not have gotten control of body/let's evil persona do their thing/then right before evil persona kill heroine/when evil persona thinks they have won so that their guard is completely down/good persona stops him and kill self/)


Lost in hopelessness-


That's why I live with my memories

The decision of love

That's why I live with my memories

Symphony 4

Scorpion fire

Dear you~hope-

Can't you trust me-

Thank you-


Hope of affection-

Tsuioku mezameru tamashi-

The awakening-


Muse-death/ can't accept/ funeral/life goes on/(muted screaming as someone is sentenced to an unfair death. They look to their friends but they turn their head from their wrongly accused comrade in fear of being executed as well/ he tries to smile for his friends as the axe is raised above his neck to pet them know that he understands and forgives them and to give them the comfort of knowing that he's not afraid of death but in his last moments the two are able to catch the smallest flicker of fear in his eyes)

Kyushu-(escaping from one person trying to kill them. The killer takes his time swinging the axe around lazily, almost looking if he's out on a stroll 'you can't hide forever~" he says in a sing song voice. As the boy ducks behind a fallen log. He tries to calm his breathing. Trying to think of a way out. He hears the sound of one of his best friends calling for him "Ronnie it's time for dinner!" She calls.
The killer sees her and you can almost see the gears moving behind those expressionless eyes.
Debating of whether or not killing her was worth it. If she saw him it would be bad. But too many corpses and he wouldn't be able to make it look like an accident.
This was his chance to be like one of those brave heroes he always read about.
All he had to do was distract the murderer

Check if friendship and going home are same ost

Black butler ost
Insane-HRE Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
nakedirohtime007 Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist… O- OH MY GOD LOOK AT THISSSSSSS o////o
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